This is for You – Part 1

Anya is looking for a gift as a gratitude to her good friend Darim, the kind young man who took her home safely. She wanted to return his kindness by giving a gift however she doesn’t know which one is the best Valentine gift, how will she able to find out, follow her story in a sequel of ‘Together With You” short story ‘This is for You’.

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Nomza Journal – Dreadful, Yet Precious

2019 has already ended, and it was the best year of my life. Well occasionally I had bad days back then but I had happier memories in 2019.

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Wish Upon a Fireworks

2019 has ended. The new year of 2020 has been celebrated by Infortunan Citizens. After witnessing fireworks blooming, people are in awe, waving their hand holding respect and bid farewell to the past, ready to embrace the future.

Anyone have their New Year Resolution, however would any of these resolution make any sense?

Well, let’s see how these quintet hanging around Greenday Park.

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